2. The sky is nice here sometimes


  3. Some photos from Honolulu!


  4. Look at this monster cloud. We were picking up my brother from marathon club at his elementary school and saw the stormcloud. it was giant, just this huge wall of cloud. My brother kept comparing it to the mothership thing from Independence Day. On a side note, I can to panoramas now!


  5. Heavyn and I spent a few hours walking (read: stumbling) around the woods taking pictures and wishing we had brought gloves. For some reason my camera is starting to wack out so it took ages to get clear macro shots, this one not excluded!


  6. Believe it or not, this was taken through the window by our computer. It took me ages to get a clear one, since it didn’t really pause while eating (much like me).


  7. Hello to new followers, alexisart-197 and firebird990 (hey tiana~)! I’ll have some pictures up soon!


  8. dawny05:

    Ice, ice, baby

    (Source: stqrtrek)


  9. In shallow seas we sail


  10. Lake Superior